Kei Laguins



LaKeisha LaGuins, known as KEI LaGuins, is an American singer, songwriter, movie producer, casting director, screenwriter, playwright, journalist and an aspiring model. 

Born in Athens, Georgia, KEI has sponsored several events for music, film and charities. She has done voice-over for Dee Hill Morning show, and written articles for Big in Da Street magazine. One of her most memorable articles included music producer Iron Shiek, from Wu-Tang.

As a singer/ songwriter, KEI has deveoped her own unique sound of music from styles of R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, and Gospel. In her new single “Tell Me”, her style reflects a collaborative mix of R&B and Pop.

In 2014, KEI wrote her first stage play, “When A Man Loves A Woman”. In this time, she realized the entertainment industry in general was her passioin, which pursued her to start her own production company, Kei LaGuins Productions.